Time-to-Furosemide Treatment and Mortality in Patients Hospitalized With Acute Heart Failure.

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Time-to-Furosemide Treatment and Mortality in Patients Hospitalized With Acute Heart Failure.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2017 Jun 27;69(25):3042-3051

Authors: Matsue Y, Damman K, Voors AA, Kagiyama N, Yamaguchi T, Kuroda S, Okumura T, Kida K, Mizuno A, Oishi S, Inuzuka Y, Akiyama E, Matsukawa R, Kato K, Suzuki S, Naruke T, Yoshioka K, Miyoshi T, Baba Y, Yamamoto M, Murai K, Mizutani K, Yoshida K, Kitai T

BACKGROUND: Acute heart failure (AHF) is a life-threatening disease requiring urgent treatment, including a recommendation for immediate initiation of loop diuretics.
OBJECTIVES: The authors prospectively evaluated the association between time-to-diuretic treatment and clinical outcome.
METHODS: REALITY-AHF (Registry Focused on Very Early Presentation and Treatment in Emergency Department of Acute Heart Failure) was a prospective, multicenter, observational cohort study that primarily aimed to assess the association between time to loop diuretic treatment and clinical outcome in patients with AHF admitted through the emergency department (ED). Door-to-furosemide (D2F) time was defined as the time from patient arrival at the ED to the first intravenous furosemide injection. Patients with a D2F time <60 min were pre-defined as the early treatment group. Primary outcome was all-cause in-hospital mortality.
RESULTS: Among 1,291 AHF patients treated with intravenous furosemide within 24 h of ED arrival, the median D2F time was 90 min (IQR: 36 to 186 min), and 481 patients (37.3%) were categorized as the early treatment group. These patients were more likely to arrive by ambulance and had more signs of congestion compared with the nonearly treatment group. In-hospital mortality was significantly lower in the early treatment group (2.3% vs. 6.0% in the nonearly treatment group; p = 0.002). In multivariate analysis, earlier treatment remained significantly associated with lower in-hospital mortality (odds ratio: 0.39; 95% confidence interval: 0.20 to 0.76; p = 0.006).
CONCLUSIONS: In this prospective multicenter, observational cohort study of patients presenting at the ED for AHF, early treatment with intravenous loop diuretics was associated with lower in-hospital mortality. (Registry focused on very early presentation and treatment in emergency department of acute heart failure syndrome; UMIN000014105).

PMID: 28641794 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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