Additional Conditions Amenable to Observation Care.

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Additional Conditions Amenable to Observation Care.

Emerg Med Clin North Am. 2017 Aug;35(3):701-712

Authors: Wheatley MA

ED observation units (EDOUs) are designed for patients who require diagnostics or therapeutics beyond the initial ED visit to determine the need for hospital admission. Best evidence is that this care be delivered via ordersets or protocols. Occasionally, patients present with conditions that are amenable to EDOU care but fall outside the commonly used protocols. This article details a few of these conditions: abnormal uterine bleeding, allergic reaction, alcohol intoxication, acetaminophen overdose and sickle cell vaso-occlusive crisis. It is not meant to be exhaustive as patient care needs can vary hospital to hospital.

PMID: 28711132 [PubMed - in process]

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