Using interpretation services during clerkships.

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Using interpretation services during clerkships.

Clin Teach. 2017 May 17;:

Authors: Lijbers L, Gerritsen D, Suurmond J

BACKGROUND: Although using professional interpreters is known to improve health outcomes for patients when language barriers are present, care providers often hesitate to use them. Training in how to use interpreters has been effective in increasing students' knowledge and self-efficacy, but little is known about how students apply the competencies gained. We explored students' perspectives on how they dealt with language barriers during their clerkships.
METHOD: Students in the Netherlands who received training (n = 8) and who did not receive training (n = 8) were interviewed about their experiences during their clerkships with regards to language barriers and the use of professional interpreters.
RESULTS: Students do not report using interpretation services during clerkships, even when they have been trained. Students report that their supervisors and other staff members provide barriers to the use of interpretation services.
CONCLUSIONS: Not only students but also staff need training in the use of professional interpretation services, because staff serve as role models for the students. Care providers often hesitate to use [professional interpreters].

PMID: 28513075 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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