Update and new insights in encephalitis.

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Update and new insights in encephalitis.

Clin Microbiol Infect. 2017 May 10;:

Authors: Mailles A, Stahl JP, Bloch KC

BACKGROUND: Encephalitis is a medical condition possibly caused by an unlimited number of infectious agents.
AIMS: Our review aims at giving an overview of the recent discoveries and advances in encephalitis presentation, diagnosis and management, including in the field of emerging diseases.
SOURCES: We search the literature using Pubmed and Embase to identify the most relevant new data published over the last years in the field of infectious encephalitis.
CONTENT: We report here the recent findings in the field of infectious encephalitis, new diagnosis tools, issues in encephalitis caused by biosafety-level-4 pathogens and the emergence of neurotropic arboviruses. In the recent years, the discovery of auto-immune encephalitis, possibly related to infection, was responsible for a major change in clinical practice and management of patients. Moreover, the increasing use of high throughput sequencing in clinical practice can be helpful both for the diagnosis of known pathogens responsible for encephalitis and for the identification of new infectious agents.
IMPLICATIONS: Because of its severity and systematic hospitalization, encephalitis is a valuable sentinel of emerging pathogens or new presentation of known infections. The challenges related to its etiological diagnosis make it an important topic in the field of innovative diagnosis.

PMID: 28501667 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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