Hyper-IgE Syndromes and the Lung.

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Hyper-IgE Syndromes and the Lung.

Clin Chest Med. 2016 Sep;37(3):557-67

Authors: Freeman AF, Olivier KN

Elevated serum IgE has many etiologies including parasitic infection, allergy and asthma, malignancy, and immune dysregulation. The hyper-IgE syndromes caused by mutations in STAT3, DOCK8, and PGM3 are monogenic primary immunodeficiencies associated with high IgE, eczema, and recurrent infections. These primary immunodeficiencies are associated with recurrent pneumonias leading to bronchiectasis; however, each has unique features and genetic diagnosis is essential in guiding therapy, discussing family planning, and defining prognosis. This article discusses the clinical features of these primary immunodeficiencies with a particular focus on the pulmonary manifestations and discussion of the genetics, pathogenesis, and approaches to therapy.

PMID: 27514600 [PubMed - in process]

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