Clinical characteristics and factors predicting respiratory failure in adenovirus pneumonia.

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Clinical characteristics and factors predicting respiratory failure in adenovirus pneumonia.

Respirology. 2016 Jun 15;

Authors: Yoon H, Jhun BW, Kim SJ, Kim K

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Limited data exist regarding factors predicting respiratory failure (RF) in non-immunocompromised patients with adenovirus (AdV) pneumonia.
METHODS: We described characteristics of AdV pneumonia (n = 91) versus non-AdV pneumonia (n = 55) and compared clinico-laboratory and radiological characteristics in patient groups categorized by RF.
RESULTS: All 91 AdV pneumonia patients presented with acute respiratory symptoms and radiological infiltrations and had significantly lower levels of white blood cell counts and platelet counts compared with non-AdV pneumonia. Of them, 67 patients had mild pneumonia without RF (non-RF), 14 patients had no RF at admission but progressed to RF during hospitalization (progressed to RF) and 10 patients had RF at admission (initial RF). Initial monocyte percentage and absolute monocyte counts in RF patient groups (progressed to RF and initial RF) were significantly lower than those of non-RF patients (both P < 0.001), and the differences among progressed to RF and initial RF patients were not significant. Chest computed tomography findings such as dominant pattern or distribution, clinical symptoms, and bacterial or viral co-infections other than AdV were not discriminable between patients who had RF and those who did not. On univariate analysis, initial monocytopenia, multilobar infiltrations and pleural effusion were associated with RF. However, on multivariable analysis, only initial monocytopenia remained significant (P = 0.004) for predicting RF.
CONCLUSION: Our data suggest that initial monocytopenia may help to predict RF during the course of AdV pneumonia in non-immunocompromised patients.

PMID: 27301912 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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