Managing MERS-CoV in the healthcare setting.

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Managing MERS-CoV in the healthcare setting.

Hosp Pract (1995). 2015;43(3):158-63

Authors: Al-Tawfiq JA, Memish ZA

Middle East respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) has caused at least 1118 reported cases in 24 countries with at least 423 deaths worldwide. All cases are epidemiologically linked to the Arabian Penninsula with most cases reported from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. MERS-CoV has three patterns of presentation: sporadic isolated cases, small clusters of intra-familial transmission and large healthcare-associated infections. The disease presentation varies from asymptomatic/mild cases to severe and fatal cases. The source of the virus has focused on bats and dromedary camels but the exact mode of disease transmission continues to be debated. Current data indicate that the virus spreads from human to human through droplet and contact routes, while performing aerosole-generating procedures predispose to airborne transmission. The best diagnostic tests rely on the identification of MERS-CoV by PCR, and lower respiratory tract samples should be favoured for the diagnosis whenever this is possible in order to avoid false negative results. Recently, the World Health Organization added serology to the list of confirmatory tests. Currently, there is no proven therapy, with supportive treatment being the mainstay of treatment.

PMID: 26224424 [PubMed - in process]

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