Bacterial meningitis in patients with HIV: A population-based prospective study.

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Bacterial meningitis in patients with HIV: A population-based prospective study.

J Infect. 2016 Jan 13;

Authors: Van Veen KE, Brouwer MC, Van der Ende A, Van de Beek D

OBJECTIVE: We studied occurrence, disease course, and prognosis of community-acquired bacterial meningitis in HIV-infected adults in the Netherlands.
METHODS: We performed a nationwide, prospective cohort study. Patients over 16 years old with bacterial meningitis were included. Data on patient history, symptoms and signs on admission, laboratory findings, radiologic examination, treatment, and outcome were collected prospectively. For HIV-positive patients additional information was collected retrospectively.
RESULTS: From March 2006 to December 2013, 1354 episodes of community-acquired meningitis were included in the cohort. Thirteen patients were HIV-infected (1.0%). The annual incidence of bacterial meningitis was 8.3-fold higher (95% CI 4.6-15.1, P < .001) among HIV-infected patients as compared to the general population (10.79 [95%CI 5.97-19.48] vs. 1.29 [95%CI 1.22-1.37] per 100.000 patients per year). Predisposing factors (other than HIV), clinical symptoms and signs, ancillary investigations, causative organisms and outcome were comparable between HIV-infected and patients without HIV infection.
CONCLUSIONS: HIV-infected patients in the Netherlands have a 8.3-fold higher risk for bacterial meningitis as compared to the general population despite cART therapy. Clinical presentation and outcome of patients with acute bacterial meningitis with and without HIV are similar.

PMID: 26774622 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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