Educating medical trainees on medication reconciliation: a systematic review.

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Educating medical trainees on medication reconciliation: a systematic review.

BMC Med Educ. 2015;15:33

Authors: Ramjaun A, Sudarshan M, Patakfalvi L, Tamblyn R, Meguerditchian AN

BACKGROUND: Effective medication reconciliation is critical in reducing the risk of preventable adverse drug events. Medical trainees are often responsible for medication reconciliation on admission, transfer and discharge of the most vulnerable patients; therefore, it is important that trainees are educated on this aspect of quality care.
METHODS: We conducted a systematic review using MEDLINE and EMBASE databases to identify education initiatives targeted at improving trainee skill and knowledge in carrying out medication reconciliation. Studies published in English or French between July 1980 and July 2013, where the primary focus of the article was the role of medical trainees in conducting medication reconciliation, and where trainee-specific data was reported, were included. Included articles must have reported trainee-specific data. Given the anticipated heterogeneity and array of outcomes, we were unable to employ a specific tool in assessing the risk of bias across studies.
RESULTS: Seven studies met pre-specified eligibility criteria, indicating the lack of published education initiatives targeted towards improving trainee knowledge and experience. Four described an education intervention targeted towards students completing internal medicine clerkship, while the remaining 3 were implemented among residents. Although no two interventions were the same, 5 out of 7 included an experiential component.
CONCLUSIONS: Varying success was achieved with medication reconciliation education interventions. While some noted improved competence and/or confidence amongst trainees, namely undergraduate medical students, others noted little effect resulting from the intervention.

PMID: 25879196 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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