Experiences of older adults in transition from hospital to community.

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Experiences of older adults in transition from hospital to community.

Can J Aging. 2015 Mar;34(1):90-9

Authors: Neiterman E, Wodchis WP, Bourgeault IL

This study examined how patients experience transitions to community from hospitals, inclusive of daily living problems and medical concerns. Analysing qualitative data from interviews with 36 individuals including 17 high-risk older adults with multiple chronic health conditions recently discharged from hospital, and 19 family members who provided the patients with ongoing care, we asked (1) What are the challenges that patients experience in transitioning home from the hospital, and (2) What are the system and policy solutions that can address the challenges these patients experience? Our findings reveal both short- and long-term challenges associated with transitions back home. Short-term challenges include preparing the dwelling for the patient and understanding the organization of care at home. Long-term challenges are associated with practical and emotional concerns. Reflecting on our findings, we suggest that patients' social needs may be equally important to their medical needs during post-discharge recovery, and we discuss implications for policy.

PMID: 25547021 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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