Analysis of hospital facility growth: are we super-sizing healthcare?

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Analysis of hospital facility growth: are we super-sizing healthcare?

HERD. 2008;1(4):70-88

Authors: Latimer HS, Gutknecht H, Hardesty K

A retrospective analysis of space planned for selected clinical areas in acute healthcare facilities between the years 1980-2008 was conducted. Findings revealed that, during the 28-year period, incremental growth occurred in both room size and departmental square feet in adult inpatient units as well as interventional services. This observed growth and-in many instances- super-sized or excessive growth may be attributed to various factors, depending on the year of construction, regional variability, or level of urbanization. However, at a macro level, growth may be attributed to changes in patient care and operational models; consumer-driven healthcare and market competition; demographics and patient acuity; technology; and regulations and building codes. In the future, forces including but not limited to capital availability, an increased desire for efficiency, and continued escalation in the cost of construction are likely to play an increasing role in offsetting the desire for sizing excess.

PMID: 21161916 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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