Milestones for Internal Medicine Sub-Interns.

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Milestones for Internal Medicine Sub-Interns.

Am J Med. 2015 Mar 3;

Authors: Santen SA, Seidelman J, Miller C, Brownfield E, Houchens N, Sisson T, Lypson M

BACKGROUND: As residency programs move toward measuring milestones for competency based education assessment, medical schools will need to collaborate with residencies to determine competencies for graduating students. The objective of this study is to define the educational milestones for fourth year medical students during an internal medicine sub-internship.
METHODS: Cross-sectional internet based survey (with attention to validity evidence) was developed in early 2013 and administered to Internal medicine attendings and Internal medicine sub-interns working on an inpatient team at three academic medical centers. With the purpose to determine the milestones for sub-interns items asked respondents what responsibilities a sub-intern could be entrusted to perform without direct supervision.
RESULTS: Faculty responded that behaviors sub-interns could perform with indirect supervision were mostly at the "reporter" level including completing a history and physical examination and collecting data such as test results. Other skills such as venipuncture and some communication skills such as calling consults, providing patient counseling, responding to pages, and creating discharge instructions were examples of tasks in which the majority of faculty felt that students were progressing toward unsupervised practice. Behaviors where the majority of faculty would always supervise a medical student performance included performance on the "interpreter" level including interpreting electrocardiograms, significant physical examination findings, and laboratory results. Medical students less commonly noted needed supervision on the majority of the items when compared to faculty.
CONCLUSIONS: Tasks in the reporter domain such as taking a history, collecting medical records, and reporting results can be characterized as medical student milestones.

PMID: 25747349 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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