Weil’s disease presenting as atypical pneumonia.

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Weil's disease presenting as atypical pneumonia.

Acute Med. 2014;13(4):178-181

Authors: Balakrishnan T, Moore A, Krishnamoorthy S, Davies G, Ka Ho Lee P

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by spp. Leptospira, also known as Weil's disease if it manifests with jaundice. It can be associated with respiratory, renal, hepatic and haematological complications and most importantly carries a high mortality when untreated. We describe a case of a 53 year old man presenting with myalgia and fever in whom the diagnosis of leptospirosis was not initially considered. Following a deterioration in his condition a careful history revealed an apparent brief exposure to animal urine and subsequent grossly positive Leptospira serology. Treatment of his condition led to complete resolution after a brief stay on the intensive care unit. This case highlights the atypical nature of a presentation of Leptospirosis, its respiratory complications, and importance of serological testing in its diagnosis.

PMID: 25521089 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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