Clinical predictors of port infections within the first 30 days of placement.

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Clinical predictors of port infections within the first 30 days of placement.

J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2014 Mar;25(3):419-23

Authors: Bamba R, Lorenz JM, Lale AJ, Funaki BS, Zangan SM

PURPOSE: To identify risk factors for port infections within 30 days of placement.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: A retrospective chart review of port placements from 2002-2009 was conducted. Patients who had port removals secondary to infection within the first 30 days of placement were included. This group of patients was compared with a control group of patients with ports with no evidence of infection. For every one patient with a port infection, two control subjects were chosen of the same gender and new port placement during the same month as the corresponding patient with an infected port.
RESULTS: From 2002-2009, 4,404 ports were placed. Of the 4,404 patients, 33 (0.7%) were found to have a port infection within 30 days of placement. Compared with the control group, the early infection group had a higher prevalence of leukopenia (21.2% vs 6.1%, P = .039) and thrombocytopenia (33% vs 12%, P = .0158). There was also a higher prevalence of an inpatient hospital stay during port placement and high international normalized ratio in the early infection group.
CONCLUSIONS: Low preoperative white blood cell and platelet counts were risk factors for early infection. Abnormal coagulation profiles and inpatient access of ports after placement could be additional risk factors.

PMID: 24581465 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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