Economics of fluid therapy in critically ill patients.

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Economics of fluid therapy in critically ill patients.

Curr Opin Crit Care. 2014 Jun 28;

Authors: Lyu PF, Murphy DJ

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Fluid therapy practices are an ongoing debate in critical care as evidence continues to emerge on the clinical effectiveness of different fluids and regimens. Although fluid therapy is a frequent and often costly treatment in the ICU, cost considerations have been largely absent from these studies. To facilitate a more structured approach to understanding fluid therapy costs and their role in clinical practice, we summarize currently available options and describe a framework for identifying and organizing relevant costs.
RECENT FINDINGS: Fluid therapy is a complex area of care that has been rarely studied from a cost-effectiveness perspective. We identify seven cost areas that capture fluid therapy-related costs during preutilization, point-of-utilization, and postutilization periods. These costs are driven by decisions on the type of fluid and administration strategy. Although estimates for some cost areas could be informed by medical literature, other cost areas remain unclear and require further investigation.
SUMMARY: Given the growing emphasis on the value of care, providers must recognize the important cost consequences of clinical decisions in fluid therapy. Future research into fluid therapy costs is needed and can be guided by this framework. Developing a complete cost picture is an initial and necessary step for improving values for patients, hospitals, and healthcare systems.

PMID: 24979711 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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