Heart failure: TNM-like classification.

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Heart failure: TNM-like classification.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2014 Mar 5;

Authors: Fedele F, Severino P, Calcagno S, Mancone M

Staging of heart failure represents a major issue in clinical practice. In this setting, MOGE(S) classification has been designed to be similar to TNM used in oncology. Nevertheless, MOGE(S) nosology is far away from the key elements of TNM classification, as well as simplicity and clinical applicability. In fact, MOGE(S) acronym refers to morphofunctional characteristics (M), organ involvement (O), genetic or familial inheritance pattern (G), etiological informations (E) and functional status (S). Recently, a new TNM-like classification for heart failure has been proposed. This classification, named HLM, refers to the heart damage, raising from impaired systolic or diastolic function without structural injury to bi-ventricular dysfunction (H), different stages of lung involvement (L) and malfunction of peripheral organs, like kidney, liver and brain (M). HLM classification is inspired to key elements of TNM staging: simplicity, clinical usefulness, efficacy for planning the therapeutic strategy and skill to identify patient prognosis. In conclusion, HLM classification seems to be easily applicable in the real world and to be valuable in order to balance economic resources to the clinical complexity of patients.

PMID: 24657683 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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