Accreditation of hospitals in Lebanon: is it a worthy investment?

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Accreditation of hospitals in Lebanon: is it a worthy investment?

Int J Qual Health Care. 2013 Jul;25(3):284-90

Authors: Saleh SS, Bou Sleiman J, Dagher D, Sbeit H, Natafgi N

OBJECTIVE: This study explores the views of Lebanese hospitals on the worthiness of accreditation vis-à-vis its associated expenses in addition to examining the type and source of financial investments incurred during the accreditation process.
DESIGN: Observational cross-sectional design.
PARTICIPANTS: All private short-stay hospitals registered with the Syndicate of Private Hospitals in Lebanon (110 hospitals).
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Hospital's views on the worthiness of accreditation in lieu of its associated expenses. Other measures explored included areas of expenditure increase and sources of expenses coverage for accreditation.
RESULTS: Three-fifths of responding hospitals (63% response rate) considered accreditation as a worthy investment. Favorable views on accreditation were mostly related to its effect on enhanced quality and safety culture. Unfavorable views regarding the worthiness of accreditation investment were justified by absence of link with enhanced tariffs from payers (25.7%). All hospitals incurred increased expenses due to accreditation. Areas of highest increase included training of staff (95.7%), consultants' costs (80.0%) and infrastructure maintenance (77.1%). Most of the hospitals covered expenses through internal absorption (52%) or bank loans (45.7%).
CONCLUSIONS: The financial burden of accreditation on hospitals has to be factored in the decision of its adoption at a national level, especially in developing countries.

PMID: 23407819 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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