The role of diazepam loading for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome in hospitalized patients.

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The role of diazepam loading for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome in hospitalized patients.

Am J Addict. 2013 Mar-Apr;22(2):113-8

Authors: Muzyk AJ, Leung JG, Nelson S, Embury ER, Jones SR

BACKGROUND: Alcohol withdrawal accounts for a significant amount of hospital admissions and can quickly progress to the development of delirium tremens (DTs), seizures, and death. Rapid identification and management of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is vital and can be managed with a number of different treatment strategies. Diazepam loading is a treatment strategy that utilizes the pharmacokinetics of this agent to achieve a rapid reduction in symptoms followed by sustained benefit over a period of days.
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this review is to evaluate the role of diazepam loading for AWS.
METHODS: A literature search of four databases-Pubmed, PsychInfo, Biosis, and Embase-was conducted to identify publications between 1960 and August 2011 that described the use of diazepam loading for the treatment of AWS. Eight trials, both open-label and controlled trials were identified. Only four randomized controlled-trials (RCTs) have been published and they are reviewed in this paper.
RESULTS: Included trials of hospitalized inpatients found that diazepam loading provided rapid symptom relief as well as reduced the incidence of seizures and duration of DTs. In patients diagnosed with severe DTs, rapidly administered doses of diazepam produced a quick calming effect. While no adverse events resulting from diazepam loading were noted, no formal assessment tool was used to evaluate its safety. Larger randomized controlled-trials are needed to better evaluate safety outcomes.
CONCLUSIONS: Diazepam loading is an effective treatment option for hospitalized patients experiencing AWS. Diazepam loading uses the concept of symptom-triggered therapy, a mainstay of current AWS treatment, while exploiting its prolonged elimination half-life and eliminating the need for additional pharmacologic therapy. Studies reviewed found diazepam loading significantly improved a number of important outcomes in AWS, including time in DTs, compared to traditional treatment strategies.

PMID: 23414495 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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