Twelve tips for using social media as a medical educator.

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Twelve tips for using social media as a medical educator.

Med Teach. 2013 Nov 21;

Authors: Kind T, Patel PD, Lie D, Chretien KC

Background: We now live, learn, teach and practice medicine in the digital era. Social networking sites are used by at least half of all adults. Engagement with social media can be personal, professional, or both, for health-related and educational purposes. Use is often public. Lapses in professionalism can have devastating consequences, but when used well social media can enhance the lives of and learning by health professionals and trainees, ultimately for public good. Both risks and opportunities abound for individuals who participate, and health professionals need tips to enhance use and avoid pitfalls in their use of social media and to uphold their professional values. Aims and methods: This article draws upon current evidence, policies, and the authors' experiences to present best practice tips for health professions educators, trainees, and students to build a framework for navigating the digital world in a way that maintains and promotes professionalism. Results and conclusions: These practical tips help the newcomer to social media get started by identifying goals, establishing comfort, and connecting. Furthermore, users can ultimately successfully contribute, engage, learn, and teach, and model professional behaviors while navigating social media.

PMID: 24261897 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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