Biomarkers of deep venous thrombosis.

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Biomarkers of deep venous thrombosis.

J Thromb Thrombolysis. 2012 Oct;34(3):335-46

Authors: Hou H, Ge Z, Ying P, Dai J, Shi D, Xu Z, Chen D, Jiang Q


Deep venous thrombosis (DVT), which is associated with pulmonary embolism, is a fatal disease because of its high morbidity and mortality in outpatients and inpatients, especially in hospitalized patients. At the same time, lack of subjective clinical symptoms and objective clinical signs makes the diagnosis complicated. Historically, the primarily imaging modalities, including duplex ultrasound, helical CT scans, and venography, establish the diagnosis of DVT. Currently, both imaging modalities and serology are utilized. These plasma molecules are regarded as the biomarkers of DVT including D-dimer, P-selectin, Factor VIII, thrombin generation, inflammatory cytokines, microparticles, fibrin monomer, leukocyte count and so on. This brief review is used to analyze the contribution of the biomarkers to diagnosis and guidance of therapy for DVT.

PMID: 22528325 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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