Factors associated with nosocomial pneumonia in hospitalized individuals.

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Factors associated with nosocomial pneumonia in hospitalized individuals.

Rev Assoc Med Bras. 2011 Nov-Dec;57(6):630-6

Authors: Oliveira TF, Gomes Filho IS, Passos Jde S, Cruz SS, Oliveira MT, Trindade SC, Machado Ade S, Coelho JM, Santos CM, Cerqueira Ede M


OBJECTIVE: To identify factors associated with nosocomial pneumonia in individuals admitted to a public hospital in Feira de Santana, Bahia.

METHODS: This case control study was carried out in 211 adult individuals (46 cases and 165 controls), of a mean age of 41 years, treated at clinical wards, surgical wards or the adult intensive care unit of Cleriston Andrade General Hospital in Feira de Santana. The cases comprised individuals who developed respiratory tract infections (nosocomial pneumonia) after hospital admission. The controls consisted of patients without nosocomial pneumonia. Information on socioeconomic status, medical history, lifestyle and oral hygiene habits was obtained through interviews. The medical records were checked to verify subjects' health status and the diagnosis of pneumonia. A clinical oral examination was performed by a trained dental surgeon. Odds ratio (OR) was estimated in the bivariate analysis as an association measurement, along with the respective 95% confidence interval through the Mantel-Haenszel method.

RESULTS: The frequency of nosocomial pneumonia in the sample was 21.8%. The occurrence of hypertension was higher and hospital stay duration was longer in the cases than in controls (p ? 0.05). Lack of dental floss and mouthwash use were higher in the controls (p = 0.01).

CONCLUSION: The findings indicate that arterial hypertension, length of hospital stay of five days and lack of dental floss and mouthwash use are factors likely associated with nosocomial pneumonia, suggesting that these factors should be targeted for effective prevention.

PMID: 22249541 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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