Takayasu’s Arteritis: an important cause of stroke in younger patients.

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Takayasu's Arteritis: an important cause of stroke in younger patients.

Acute Med. 2010;9(3):104-8

Authors: Newton L, Justice E, Carruthers D


Stroke in young patients is important and early diagnosis of Takayasu's Arteritis as the cause will assist in acute management. A retrospective notes review of six patients presenting with acute neurological symptoms secondary to TA was performed. Three male and three female patients (mean age of 32.2 years) were identified. Neurological presentations included four ischaemic strokes, one TIA, and one syncopal episode. Pulse loss, bruit, or a difference in brachial blood pressures was evident in five patients at presentation. 4 patients had a previous history of TIA, 3 had prior ischaemic limb symptoms and 1 had prodromal symptoms. A history of limb ischaemia, prodromal symptoms, absent pulses and asymmetric blood pressure should alert the clinician to possible TA.

PMID: 21597588 [PubMed]

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