Significance of Coronary Vasospasm in the Perioperative Management of Non-Cardiac Surgery.

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Significance of Coronary Vasospasm in the Perioperative Management of Non-Cardiac Surgery.

Circ J. 2012 May 16;

Authors: Nagayoshi Y, Kawano H, Kojima S, Soejima H, Kaikita K, Nakayama M, Sumida H, Sugiyama S, Ogawa H

Background: The number of patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery has been increasing. Thus, the reduction of cardiac events is important during the perioperative period. The prevalence of Japanese patients with coronary vasospasm is higher as compared with Western countries. The present study reported the role of coronary vasospasm in the perioperative period in a Japanese university hospital. Methods and Results: A total of 77,745 consecutive patients who underwent non-cardiac surgery in Kumamoto University Hospital between April 2003 and March 2010 were retrospectively examined. Forty-two cases in which patients underwent coronary catheterization due to cardiovascular events in the perioperative period were reviewed, and data were collected on the type of surgery, urgency of surgery, cardiac risk factors, previous history and the cardiology consultation. The Revised Cardiac Risk Index (RCRI) was also calculated. A total of 18 patients were diagnosed as having definite vasospastic angina. In the definite vasospastic angina group, 9 patients had cardiovascular events intraoperatively. Six patients were in the group undergoing high-risk surgery. The RCRI score in the definite vasospastic angina group was 0.5±0.6 (mean±SEM), and only 2 patients had a preoperative consultation with a cardiologist. Conclusions: Coronary vasospasm is not often encountered, but it can be a cause of cardiac trouble in the perioperative period. It should be taken into consideration at the time of planning of operation in Japanese patients even if they apparently have low cardiac risk.v.

PMID: 22664755 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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