Hypertension 2010: what was new for the cardiologist?

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Hypertension 2010: what was new for the cardiologist?

Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2010 Nov;11(16):2579-97

Authors: Gaciong Z, Symonides B

Importance of the field: Despite extensive clinical research, still there is some uncertainty regarding management of hypertension, in particular initial and goal blood pressure levels and selection of optimal pharmacotherapy, as well as concomitant medications, to reduce other risk factors. Areas covered in this review: An overview of recent findings from major clinical trials in hypertension (until July 2010), along with a reappraisal of the European Society of Hypertension 2009 guidelines. What the reader will gain: Practical overview of the management of hypertension, including threshold and goal blood pressure in specific situations, choice of antihypertensive medications and indications for treatment of concomitant risk factors. Take home message: Primary benefits of antihypertensive therapy are mediated by blood pressure reduction and the majority of patients will require at least two drugs, with the preference of fixed-dose combinations for effective blood pressure control.

PMID: 20977397 [PubMed - in process]

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