Recommendations for the intra-hospital transport of critically ill patients.

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Recommendations for the intra-hospital transport of critically ill patients.

Crit Care. 2010 May 14;14(3):R87

Authors: Fanara B, Manzon C, Barbot O, Desmettre T, Capellier G

ABSTRACT: INTRODUCTION: To provide Intensive Care Units and Emergency Departments with a set of practical procedures (check-lists) for managing critically-ill adult patients in order to avoid complications during intra-hospital transport (IHT). METHODS: Digital research was carried out via the MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL and HEALTHSTAR databases using the following key words: "transferring", "transport", "intrahospital" or "intra-hospital", and "critically ill patient". The reference bibliographies of each of the selected articles between 1998 to 2009 were also studied. RESULTS: This review focuses on the analysis and overcoming of IHT-related risks, the associated adverse events, and their nature and incidence. The suggested preventive measures are also reviewed. A check-list for quick execution of IHT is then put forward and justified. CONCLUSIONS: Despite improvements in IHT practices, significant risks are still involved. Basic training, good clinical sense and a risk-benefit analysis are currently the only deciding factors. A critically ill patient, prepared and accompanied by an inexperienced team, is a risky combination. The development of adapted equipment and the widespread use of check-lists and proper training programmes would increase the safety of IHT and reduce the risks in the long-term. Further investigation is required in order to evaluate the protective role of such preventive measures.

PMID: 20470381 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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