Troponin revisited 2008: assay performance.

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Troponin revisited 2008: assay performance.

Clin Chem Lab Med. 2008;46(11):1489-500

Authors: Tate JR

Troponin quality specifications describing the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical performance of cardiac troponin (cTn) assays are important for both manufacturers of cTn assays and laboratories that routinely test for cTn. Pre-analytical requirements refer not only to acceptable sample type for analysis and the stability of cTn but also to the proper handling of specimens prior to analysis to avoid pre-analytical false positive results. Analytical issues that may contribute to differences between cTn assays include analytical sensitivity and imprecision at low cTn concentration, antibody specificity and immunoreactivity of plasma cTn forms, assay specificity and the presence of falsely positive and negative interferences, and for cTnI the lack of standardised measurement, all which may impact on patient cTn results. Current second generation cTnI and fourth generation cTnT assays generally have an imprecision of around 20% coefficient of variation (CV) at the 99th percentile of the reference population, which is greater than the recommended imprecision of 10% CV. As the next generation of more analytically sensitive cTn assays are developed it can be anticipated that cTn upper reference limits will decrease by approximately 10-fold. Monitoring assay imprecision at ultra low cTn concentrations will require that the laboratory uses a quality control close to this level and a negative control to monitor baseline drift. Establishment of cTn reference ranges will require reference populations to be cardio-healthy to enable differentiation from community populations who are at increased cardiovascular risk. Close collaboration between the laboratory and local clinicians is required to ensure adequate clinical validation of more sensitive cTn assays.

PMID: 18842109 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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