Influence of infection control report cards on patients’ choice of hospital: pilot survey.

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Influence of infection control report cards on patients' choice of hospital: pilot survey.

J Hosp Infect. 2009 Jan 13;

Authors: Merle V, Germain JM, Tavolacci MP, Brocard C, Chefson C, Cyvoct C, Edouard S, Guet L, Martin E, Czernichow P

The impact on patients' attitudes of quality report cards on infection control in hospitals has never previously been studied. In 2006, the French government implemented a mandatory report card on infection control activity (ICALIN) in all hospitals. This approach was aimed at encouraging professionals to change their routine practices in case they should lose patients due to a low ICALIN score. Our objective was to assess what impact ICALIN could have on patients' attitude as regards hospital choice. We performed a survey of patients and visitors in 14 randomly selected hospitals of various ICALIN scores. A convenience sample of 381 patients and visitors completed an anonymous questionnaire on ICALIN, their reasons for choosing a hospital and attitude in the event of a low ICALIN score. Factors associated with interest in ICALIN and impact of ICALIN on hospital choice were assessed by logistic regression. Our results showed that 77% of participants were interested in ICALIN. ICALIN was ranked sixth as a reason for choosing a hospital. In the case of a low ICALIN, 24.1% of participants would refuse admission and 54.9% would seek advice from their general practitioner. Sociodemographic factors had no influence on patients' attitude. In conclusion, our survey suggests that patients take note of poor performance on infection control report cards. As most patients rely on their general practitioner to interpret these report cards, there is a definite need for further communication with general practitioners on this issue.

PMID: 19147258 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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