Colon cancer: update on adjuvant therapy.

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Colon cancer: update on adjuvant therapy.

Clin Colorectal Cancer. 2008 May;7(3):178-83

Authors: Mano MS, Duhoux F

Colon cancer is a public health problem worldwide. Although potentially curable at early stages, a substantial number of patients will inevitably present with or eventually develop metastatic disease, which is often incurable. Despite the progress achieved with the introduction of new cytotoxic agents, recurrence rates for patients with resected stage II/III disease remain > 20%. Therefore, a great deal of effort and resources have been put into improving early diagnosis and prevention tools as well as the efficacy of adjuvant treatment. Oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy is now considered the standard of care in node-positive colon cancer, but there remains controversy with regard to the indication and type of adjuvant treatment in patients with nodenegative disease. Oral fluoropyrimidines play a growing role in the management of colorectal cancer and can be currently considered an alternative to 5-fluorouracil. Numerous reports have suggested that elderly patients benefit equally from chemotherapy, but the growing numbers of octogenarian and nonagenarian patients in our clinics, many of whom occasionally struggle through treatment, are a reminder of the challenges ahead. Finally, as we might have reached a plateau in terms of cytotoxic chemotherapy, numerous clinical trials are now focusing on the role of biologic agents in the adjuvant setting.

PMID: 18621635 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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